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No, it is definitely LOL funny

In fact, its ROTFLMAO funny.

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Do you get that this was made in the days of, like, Flash 4??? This was the equivalent of Waterlollies!

OK, not really.

But still.

Aw, screw this. Ya. It sucked.

I vote 5.

To all those wondering, "Why did he kill himself?"

There is but one answer: THIS... is Madness.

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Not as good.

A little glitchy: the laser sword's title flashed repeatedly; when I clicked on the gun with a glowing yellow thingy, it took me to the double-edged laser staff; and I couldn't click on the chain gun. Also, same suggestion as last time, the animation where all the weapons slide out gets annoying after you see it five times.

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I don't really know what it is...

but it's pretty cool! I liked the assortment of weapons. Did you create them all on your own? Anyway, My one suggestion would be to make it so you don't have to watch the "spreading-out" animation each time you go back.

ishfulness responds:

Sorry i couldn't reply earlier...
I did create them all on my own and thanks for the helpful advice =)

Great game but...

Why do you get cake at the end? :-P

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Ow. My ears hurt. If you just want to have some random fun scratching vinyl, please don''t submit it to Newgrounds.

Killers123 responds:

sorry, and i'll submit what i want

You used Garageband, didn't you?

You have to give credit to the program if you used something that wasn't your original work. Not that I have anything against using Garageband. My song Aether uses it too.

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