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More songs! But will anyone notice?

2008-01-01 19:57:20 by Phishrcool42

I now have a total of 5 songs uploaded: Aether, Ambrosia, Epitome, Perpetua, and Right Hook to the Face. Go listen. Vote fifen!

Why is it so hard to get your audio discovered? Since it doesn't appear in the list until it has 20 votes, and songs disappear from the main audio page's newest submissions so quickly, AND many people listen to audio but don't actually vote, I don't know if my songs will ever make it! Argh! I'm considering posting something in the audio forum, but I'll probably get banned for some obscure reason. Evidently I almost did for making a new post in an old topic or something (?), so now I'm a little afraid to try anything outside my own page. NG can be kinds scary sometimes.


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